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Trailer of Masjid Lama Batu 6

Trailer of Masjid Lama setapak

Trailer of Masjid Sungai Chinchin

about event

Lauching of the 21st Architectural Heritage Exhibition, officiated by the honourable IIum Rector.

 On this first day, the Exhibition will begin

with a gimmick multimedia presentation, 

Followed by the documentary videos of the three mosques and poster visualiztion.

There is also Live Dialogue with the reprsentatives

from the three mosques where 

participants can further get deeper 

knowledge of the three mosques.


09.30 a.m. - Arrival of guest

09.35 a.m. - National Anthem, IIUM

                    Song, Asmaul Husna,                                  Recitation of 

                    Doa & Quran

09.50 a.m. - Welcoming by MC

                  - Speech by PAKSI Leader

                  - Speech by Dean of KAED

10.25 a.m. - Officiating the virtual                                  exhibition and ISARCH                              Webinar by IIUM Rector

10.40 a.m. - 21st Architectural                                        Heritage Multimedia                                  Presentation

11.10 a.m. - End of Opening Session

11.15 p.m. - Commercial Break

01.00 p.m. - Break

01.55 p.m. - Documentary Video

02.45 p.m. - Masjid Lama Setapak                              - Dialogue Session

                  - Poster's Visualization

03.00 p.m. - Masjid Lama Batu 6                                - Dialogue Session

03.55 p.m. - Website & VR

                    Exhibition Intro

04.00 p.m. - Masjid Sg Chinchin,                                - Dialogue Session

04.55 p.m. - Special Announcement

05.00 p.m. - End of Day 1

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